Raffle idea reignited!

It never ceases to amaze me how many good ideas in my life have taken root in coffee houses. They're usually not from me but from the person sat across the table! This particular occasion, back in late February, was no different. 

Sharing our 'Great Big Art Auction' plans with the founder of my son's football club, Sporting87, he asked the question, "why don't you hold back one of the collection and raffle it to the fans"? Not just any one, he went on, but the most iconic one. I absolutely loved the idea that ALL fans, irrespective of their financial circumstances, would have the opportunity to own one of Louise's original paintings. The potential of this single painting alone to raise significant funds for Cure Leukaemia would be immense if they were to get behind this. 

Louise and I initially parked plans for this, as we felt it may be too much to take on with so much to get in place for the auction and Limited Edition print sales. This week we made the decision to reignite the idea though. We also decided on 'the image'. The image that ultimately ignited this entire project; Ruben with his two fingers pointing up to the sky! A Sam Bagnall take on this of course! Buzzing to make this happen now.